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1976 &1978 Eldorado

02-21-2005, 12:24 PM
Hi guys, Im new to this foum and I was wondering if someone could offer an opinion or a fact.

I am a tall quadreplegic and use a wheelchair to get around, I also use hand controls to drive my 1976 Edorado, I've been looking for something like my car and I found a 1978 Eldo Biritz and it has the cusioned seats.

I do not seem to get in as easy or get as comfortable, so before I buy this car (or not) I was wondering if anyone knew if I took the padded part of the seats out or reupolste my old seat and weather or not that would make a difference.

I guess what Im asking is are the two years the same size inside and are the seats interchangeable, and can anyone tell me how difficult it is to move the front seat back about 3 inches.

The car was just totally restored and I would really appreciate an honest answer from anyone with expertise in this aspect. Would you also please e-mail me so I'm sure to get an answer, I'm not very familiar on using this board yet.

Thanks Much


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