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89 Mazda B2200 Poor performance,no power

02-12-2005, 01:16 AM
Copy of an email to my brother.


89 Mazda B2200 2.2L 2b carb Not injected
Tired to call but no answer. Anyway went to the wrecking yard today Pick Apart.Found a coil, air cleaner assembly, fuel pump, 2 inch aluminized flex pipe, 6 inch crescent wrench belonging to one B. Anderson and the topper a Xiongtao switch blade knife 3 inch blade all stainless and it has a belt clip.Spent $22 dollars.

Poor performance, vibration, no power, cutting out, carbon fouled plugs & black soot and smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.

I found out that my truck has 2 cat converters, one in the front and one in the middle then the muffler after that. There is a 1 inch tube that runs from each of the cats to the engine compartment and one more tube coming exhaust manifold 3 all day these goto a reed valve
system on the air cleaner. My truck ran rich because the reed valves were shot. The center one was full of bb size flakes of carbon and water. It looked the bottom of a dirty oven. The Carb is designed to run rich that's why there are know air screws adjustments. It recycles the heated rich mixture in the exhaust back to the Carb and the engine for re-burning. Mazda's way of killing an air cleaner faster and better. My trucks computer controls all that emission stuff. It has almost nothing to do with the distributor igniter and coil although it has one wire going to the brain box from the coil used like a tach for engine speed sensor, I would bet. It will run without the brain box.

As for the igniter in the dizzy or distributor I still don't know if it bad. Here is an interesting thing, if you hook up a test light across the coil. It will blink with the signal from the igniter in the dizzy. Try it, it gets
brighter with higher RPM's. Looks OK to me. If your getting a signal but no spark look at the wires the cap & roter and the Coil, likely the coil. As a note the coil on the 89 Mazda must have a built in resister
since it is getting 12 volts, I had other coils and they worked for a while then burned out (dumb on my part), they needed an external resister. Why pay $65 to $265 for a dizzy if that is not the problem or $27.95 or way more for an after market igniter if that's not the problem. As for why this all happened it's because of short trips,I knew better and it only took a few. The car makers don't take into account for short trips. They just want to pass the EPA tests. Short trips will kill the emission controls fast on just about any car or truck made today. So think about it every time you take that 10 min round trip to the store.

I changed the coil again, the fuel pump and the air cleaner assembly and hooked up the brain. Took it for a test drive and so far so good. I got almost full power a slight miss at the top end all that rich killed my plugs. I will pull them tomorrow and if they are burning cleaner. I will buy new one's. I have full temp on the temp gage, now it's back the way it use to be it was running a little lower. All my brain box does is the emissions thank god that thing is spendy, I could buy another truck for what it costs.

Thought this might help some of you in understanding the 89 Mazda's rich re-burn systems.

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