Idle adjustment 88 Accd

02-09-2005, 05:00 PM
I have two problems with my acoord idle adjustment, and I would like too see if anybody can help. I would like to set the idle on my 88 accord. I gave a handhled tach, but the instructions state that I need to connect the positive lead of my tach to the positive screw of my coil. My coil doesn't have a positive screw, but it does have two primary electrical connectors (each with two electrodes inside). So, where does my positive lead connect to. My second problem is that this car is equipped with a fast idle screw and a regular idle screw. How do you adjust the idle in respect to the fast idle (2000 +/- 500 rpm) and the regular idle (800 rpm). Any and all help will be very appraciated.

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