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HELP!! Power antenna removal for 1987 Eldorado

02-03-2005, 03:48 PM
Can anyone tell me how to remove the power antenna from my 1987 Eldorado? The mast goes thru the passenger front fender. Mine just goes "Whrrrrr-Whrrrrr." Will a "bad" antenna as I describe keep my radio from producing sound? I have had to pull the fuse to stop the "Whrrrr-Whrrrr" sound.

Thanks for any help.

Tyghe Williams
02-04-2005, 09:30 PM
I had same problem. Just disconnect thepower too the antenna from under hood near firewall if you want (mine is 1985).

The whirling sound id the plastic advance and retract "cable" inside that is broken , so the thing continues to go around since never reaches a limit switch. (I think)

I cut a hole in the inner fender (liner) from wheel well area with a reciprocating saw (jig jaw) after drill start hole(s).

BUT>>>still haven't removed the antenna... no room to work that I can see.

I have been told by several that you have to take the fender assembly completely off or apart to remove and replace.

I may remove another way (ie cut off) and attach a stationery anntenna.

Tyghe K Williams Architect

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