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Welcome to the Forum: Read This FIRST!!

02-03-2005, 11:21 AM
First off, welcome. Trust me, we want you here. We want to help you. We want to see you have fun with your Isuzu, or at the least, fix whatever problem that induced you to search us out.

A few posting guidelines:

Before asking a question, take a moment to run a search. This forum has been here for several years, and a lot of knowledge has been accumulated in this time. Chances are your question has been addressed at some point. Out of courtesy for those members who have answered hundreds of these questions, please search first. Search for intelligent things. Searching for things like "tires" or "wheels" or "stereo", will bring up what you are probably looking for. Searching for "What tires fit my 98 Rodeo", will probably not.

When posting a topic please use a descriptive subject line like: “98 Rodeo hard to start”; please don’t use subject lines like: “Help!”. Please put at least your vehicle's make/model/year in your signature and your profile. Even better, put it in your post. Some of us do not even view sigs. This avoids a lot of questioning afterwards about what exactly we are trying to discuss. Finally, post your problem to one post, please do not add your problem to others posts (if you want to reference others posts in your post). Once your problem is resolved please post that your problem has been fixed

Do not use profanity. If you would not say it to your priest, daughter or grandma, then don't say it here. There are exceptions, again use some common sense, you all know what I am talking about.

Do not attack other members of the board in any manner. Period. It will not be tolerated. If you don't like something someone says, let me (the moderator) know. If you don't like what we do, let us know IN PRIVATE. Public discussion of moderations is not allowed because it serves no purpose. We are all more than happy to discuss any of our actions with you in a rational and mature manner.

If anybody has anything else to add, feel free. Remember, a lot of times things have been covered already. These boards are a wealth of information. Sometimes it is harder to ferret out some things, but...if you don't want to take the time to search, don't expect for people to take their time to answer a question they have answered a hundred times already.

We are all here because we love discussing Isuzu’s. We only ask for some respect be given for those members who do answer your questions. There is never a bad question and we all are learning new things. Some people are just further back on the learning curve, than others. No big deal, we all want to help you.

Your Moderator,

Ryan (Amigo-2k)

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