some questions no noobs plz

02-01-2005, 11:55 PM
alright sorry about the title just dont want some dumb noob to come in and act like he knows shit.

ok im in the us and im in the process of getting a 240sx with a rb25det

ive been reading the crank is weak and that the motor isnt as half as good as the rb26
so as far as the aftermarket is there aftermarket cranks ?

and what are the main differences in the head is it porting etc or just the cams and valve spring ?

im looking to hit around 500 hp soon and in the future alot more

right now its mostly stock downpipe exhaust air fileter boost controller.

as soon as i pick it up next week ill be getting a greddy intake manifold and fmic and to4e turbo

and im wanna get some 264 hks cams and valve springs and power fc but this is all depending on what info i get please tell me what u know thanks in advance im mostly looking to see as of now the potential of the stock motor but i will definatly be looking to build are there any companies that make cranks for them? or will that not be neccesary.

and what will i need to make the car rev as far as the head goes am i just gonna need some porting and cams valvespring etc? thanks for any of ur time and if you can give me some links for parts and info thanks again

02-01-2005, 11:57 PM
also what turbo does it have stock ive been hearing t28 intake side and t3 exhaust side what is that effecient to? thans for your time once again

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