Montreal Specifications

01-30-2005, 11:06 PM
Found these on a very detailed Montreal site,

Basic Specs:

2+2 seat fixed-head coupé with integral construction steel body by Bertone.

Engine type 00564. 90 deg V8 with fully counter-weighted cross-plane crankshaft. Bore and stroke 80 x 64.5 mm. Total displacement 2593 cc. Compression ratio 9.0:1.

Light alloy block and heads. Wet liners.

4 chain-driven 5-bearing overhead camshafts operating valves direct.
Indirect mechanical fuel injection by Spica AIBB.8C.S75.T250/1 fed by twin Bosch electric pumps.

Fuel capacity 63 l (reserve 8 l).

Dry sump lubrication. Min pressure 3.5 kg/cm2 at top speed, warm. Total engine oil capacity 11 kg. Gearbox 1.6 kg. Differential 2.25 kg. Burman steering box 0.36 kg.

Pressurized liquid cooling with thermostatic electric fan. Capacity 12 l.
ZF S 5-18/3 gearbox. 5 forward speeds, all synchromesh. Ratios 0.87, 1, 1.30, 1.76, 2.99:1, reverse 3.64 or 3.67:1.

ZF/Alfa Romeo limited-slip differential. Final drive ratio 4.1:1.

Bosch electronic capacitive-discharge ignition (1 ZS7/9C8 coil per cylinder bank).

Marelli S127C/S127D distributor.

Lodge 2HL plugs.

Bosch K1-14V55A20 720 W alternator, AD1/14V regulator, 12v 64 Ah battery, negative earth. Bosch GF-12V1PS starter motor.

Bosch WS 4911 AR 2A (0) dual-speed windscreen wiper.

ATE vacuum servo-assisted double circuit ventilated disc brakes with rear circuit pressure regulator. Front dia 27.2 cm. Rear dia 28.4 cm.

Front suspension coil springs, double wishbones, telescopic shock-absorbers, anti-roll bar.

Rear suspension coil springs, coaxial shock-absorbers, two trailing arms, reaction trunnion, anti-roll bar.

Overall dimensions 4.22 L x 1.672 W x 1.205 H m. Front track 1.374 m. Rear track 1.34 m. Wheelbase 2.35 m. Min turning radius 5.5 m.

Curb weight (full tank) 1270 kg. Weight distribution 55% front, 45% rear.

Campagnolo Elektron (magnesium-aluminium) alloy 6.5J x 14" wheels. Weight 5.8 kg.

Michelin 195/70-VR14 X (later renamed 195/70-VR14 XWX) tires.

The URL for this site is:
Its got informations covering everything from the colors offered on the vehicle to photos of the most recent Montreal meets.

feenix z
11-23-2005, 09:13 AM
so many people dont know about these cars and that's sad. That thing is sexy even compared to modern designs like the porsche cayman. It's got an Italian Muscle car verve going on. Any 0-60 or slalom specs?

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