1993 Cougar Shifting Probs and a few other ?'s

01-30-2005, 12:09 PM
Bought it off of some guy about 7 months ago. When you are driving, it likes to downshift whenever it wants and hang there for a few secs. You can rev the engine but it does nothing till it shifts back into gear. Its like it downshifts then gets out of gear and then jumps harsh back into gear. Does this sparatic here and there. Sometimes it will do it every 30 seconds or just plain shifts back and forth. Some times it doesnt do it at all for a week then jumps right back into its old routine. Took it to a tranny shop and the only thing they say is that it needs rebuilt (go figure).

The odometer also quit working about a month ago?

The temp sensor hasnt worked since I've had the car. Checked it like the manaul says (ground/power one of the wires) and the needle jumps like its supposed to. Changed the sensor on the eng three times with no success.

The steering wheel seems to be off by just a hair (angled). There is a noise from the rack and pinion but when you turn to the left it goes away. And you only have to turn the wheel slightly to make it quick.

Other than that it been a pretty reliable car for $900. The power kinda sucks but that could be from the above mentioned problems. Thanks for any suggestions. Jeff

02-02-2005, 12:45 PM
I just went to get my front end looked at and my rack and pinion needs to be changed...although your racks noise is minimal and it "goes away" dont let that fool you. i let mine "go away" for a month and now its back with a vengence! is sounds like there is a screaming banshee under my hood and now my steering is shaky. i actually turn heads when going down the street! so my suggestion on the rack and pinion is getting that fixed soon before your problem gets a lot worse. the part is 100 dollars but i dont know how much a mechanic will charge.

best of luck!

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