Weird Tempermental Headlight Problem - Intermittent On and Off, and On again.

01-28-2005, 08:27 PM
The '98 Honda Accord that my father drives (yeah, we have a rivalry going) has developed some tempermental head light. It is actually just the "low beam" head light on the right side. It went out suddenly and we though it just went dead so we got another bulb to put in.

When I tried to detached the power socket (white) from the bottom of the 90 degree bulb plug, the light came on. I thought it's just a contact tightness issue so after I made sure everything's securely fit, we left it alone. Then it went dead a week later. The next time I also just messed around the bulb socket thinking it went loose but the light wouldn't come on. I ended up taking the socket off, and pulling out the bulb all together for examination. The bulb looks abit dark on one side, but after I put it back and put the power socket back up, it went on again. This held for 3 days until it went dead again. Just now I fixed it once more by duplicating the procedures described above.

Anyone has any idea what's up here? THe light bulb seems to be functional. I examined the socket and the plug and they look clean, no debris blocking anything. Also there's not tab broken or any wear near the socket latch that would hamper a proper contact between the metal. I'm thinking if I change the bulb, this would just keep on happening if it's not bulb's fault. Could it be anything else? Any ideas?

01-31-2005, 01:11 AM
Are your daytime running lights working? Is it only one bulb that's not working?

I had been recently experiencing intermittent headlight problems on my '94 Accord. My daytime running lights and the high beams would work only intermittently. Even when they did work, only one worked (the right one). So yesterday a friend helped to track down the DRL module and we pulled it out. It turned out that there were some bad solder joints so we re-soldered and voila - it works. I now have DRLs and both high beams are working. I know this isn't exactly as you described but do you think it might be a similar malfunction?

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