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Poor MPG?\What's your average?

01-24-2005, 11:35 AM
Hi everyone - My 2001 9-5 wagon (185hp) gets 19-21 mpg. It's EPA listed at 19/26 for city/highway. The only time it got 26-27 mpg was when I drove it Florida and back from Illinois. Surprisingly, I used the ACC the whole time (wife + baby = must keep car comfy) during that trip.

I use Mobil 1 synthetic oil (recently changed oil/filter), and have tried the premium grades of BP, Shell and Mobil, to see which is better. I've also tried being easy on the pedal and only use the ACC when needed and econo mode when practical.

I rarely get up to 22 mpg, and my work commute is 30 miles each way, mainly highway. Any ideas? What's your average mpg? I'd like to see if my mpg is normal.


01-26-2005, 05:00 PM
Highway around 7.2 litres/100 km which would be equal to around 32 miles per gallon I think. But it should be possible to get it down around 65 litres/100 km. It is of course easy to get a higher consumption. In the city, with a heavy right foot 15 litres per 100 km is possible but it's usually around 10-12 litres/100 km.

This is with a 9-5 wagon, 2.3t 185hp, 2001, manual tranmission and according to SID on RON 95 fuel (RON 98 doesn't give any noticeable difference and even the Aero should be able to run on RON 95 in cold weather).

With an automatic transmission the fuel consumption should be somewhat higher.

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