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'95 BMW 525i glove box won't open!!

01-19-2005, 10:19 AM
I have a '95 525i with a glove box that won't open. The latch seems to be broke--it won't move at all. Any clues how I can get it open?

08-06-2005, 07:50 AM
I've got a '94 fresh from the shop and now I can't get the glove box to open. I'm wondering if you found help with yours over the past months. I don't see any post/replies here. I'm hoping you can help.

Heres the latest with the glove box issue. After several hours looking and pondering (and some pounding) I got it open.
1. Un-latch hing clamps under glove box in front by the fire wall. This allows the back to swing down a little bit.
2. Get a 16"-17" long rod (I used 1/8" cold rolled round stock but a wooden dowel rod will do.) and put a point on the end like a pencil.
3. Look in the glove box from the passenger side by pulling down slightley on the edge of he glove box door.
4. Insert the rod in from the right side and aim for the right side of the latch it should be grey unlike the latch housing which should be black. Now press the rod in to the side while lifting up on the front of the door as if you were tring to close it. (This takes pressure away from the hook that are latching the door closed.) The whole glove box will now come down being only held by the shock and strap.
Please note that the latch on mine was broken inside of the housing. When you lift up on the handel in the UNlocked position the lock makes contact with an arm which then moves both hooks inside far enough to clear the female part of the latch. The arm on mine was broken so there was no way to move the arm and get the hooks to retracked. $17.00 at the local dealership and I'm good as new.
Hope this helps and didn't come too late before it cost you tall$.

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