Dyno Day - March 12 2005

01-18-2005, 06:42 PM
Alright, here's the details. Dyno Day starting at 9am at extreme. I have 16 spots that you can pre-purchase for $50 each. I need the money by March 1st though. This $50 guarentees you 3 pulls on the dyno. Date is March 12th. location is extreme motorsports in odenton (about an hour or so from nova). www.extrememotorsports.com
the dyno is an AWD dynojet. there will be a/f readout and so long as you don't take too long you can tune afc a bit if you want. Lowest hp+torque and highest hp+torque get their money back. Meet starts at 9am and goes all day. there will be burgers, chips, drinks, etc. If you want to eat its $5 for all you can eat food. that can be paid there though. This is to offset the purchase of the food. you can also feel free to bring your own lunch if you want. Supraforums, NASOIC (subaru), and DTMpower are also invited so there should be some decent cars. The shop at extreme will also be open for full business, at least as far as the store goes so feel free to get your parts now too, boost controllers, afc's etc. Please feel free to email any questions to kpresa@comcast.net or if you would like to sign up email that same address for payment procedures.
edit: if you don't pre-purchase before march 1st you will be able to purchase your pulls on the 12th. They will cost $65 and you won't be guarenteed either. If you do pre-purchase but don't show your money will be refunded.

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