03-11-2002, 05:42 PM
Alfa Romeo began development of the Alfasud began in the late 60's. The Alfasud was a compact FWD hatchback, but from the start the emphasis was on the sporting edge of the car, which handled extremely well. The car was available in 4 and 2-door trim, and developed into quite a little demon when the 1.3 Sprint (75bhp) 2-door/coupé was released in '76. This was then succeeded by the 1.5 Sprint (85bhp) and finally the 95bhp Sprint Veloce, which featured a twin Weber IDF carburettor on each cylinder head. The saloon version received slightly less powerful engines compared to the Sprint, but handled just as well.
The Cloverleaf model, Alfa Romeo's performance tag, saw the Sprint and saloon developing a healthy 105bhp (remember we're talking 20 years ago here!).
1981 saw a major change to the range when the three door cars were introduced. The small bootlid was replaced by a large hatchback, and folding rear seats introduced.
Production of the saloon stopped in 1983 when it was replaced by the 33. The Sprint continued on until 1989, in it's later years being fitted with the 1712cc unit from the 33. Various other changes were also made to the later Sprints to commonise parts with the 33, including the use of drum brakes on the revised rear axle and outboard disc brakes at the front replacing the original Sud's inboard ones.
Alfasuds are great little cars, and while you may not be overly impressed with the power they developed, they truly were outstanding performers in terms of handling, steering, responding urgently to every input at the wheel and on the throttle. Alfasuds made for extremely entertaining twisty-mountain drives. Moreover, they played a significant role in starting the hot-hatch trend, without which awesome cars like the 205GTi and Clio Williams wouldnt exist. Oh yeah, one more thing, don't leave them out in the rain!


04-29-2003, 04:07 PM
Dear friend,
Do you now by chance how can I tune-up the Dellorto carburetors. I have an Alfasud ti from 1979 equiped with those carbs.

05-11-2003, 04:53 AM
great car but they rot like the preverbial!!

05-11-2003, 09:31 AM
Sorry Alfasud i cant help you with your question, i simply dont know the answer. You might have to find an italian car specialist somewhere near you, or a more specialised forum somewhere on the net.

good luck


05-25-2003, 02:28 AM
alfasud- try looking around some Alfa Romeo fansites within the US- the info'd be easy enough to find in those ones ;) ;)

08-27-2003, 12:30 AM
is nice to race one ....check out our pic site

05-12-2004, 08:37 AM
Now, Alfasud this is a bit difficult to explain. The thing is that you have screw for air on each carburator (if double then you have two screws per carburator). Not many poeple can do this right. First you turn all of the screws to closed position (top right) and then unscrew them for half turn on each screw. Now the difficult job, take one screw and ignition cable from that cylinder, unplug it, if the sound changes then it is close to OK, so the thing is that you have to walk around every cylinder and check every cable and screw together. If you unplug some cable and nothing changes, you have to unscrew it a little more, be carefull not to twist it to much (half a turn by check). Don't do this when your air filter is not on, cause you will tune it up, put the filter on and car won't work good again. This is the game that you have to play few times because it is hard to do it at first. I hope I helped (sorry for bad English).

01-08-2005, 09:20 PM
Here is my dream car

12-08-2009, 02:19 AM
The car looks great. Where did you get the dashboard and centre console coloured? I've had a few of these - great little cars.

09-01-2015, 04:10 PM
I owned two of these. They were great cars and I easily embarrassed those Golf GTI things going into roundabouts!
Only problem was body rot, apart from that they were little gems.

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