99 M3 man Cab or 98 SVT Cobra man Cab w/ mods

Mrs Z
01-13-2005, 09:06 AM
I have found 2 cars I really like. Both in my Price range, One with class, one with muscle. Both with speed. My specs have mostly been focused on the BMW E36 M3 manual cab. Not many to be found that are NOT black in color.

Happened across a 98 blue SVT Mustang Cobra convertible which after driving an 04, I was not going to consider (astronomical $$ for having to pay extra for the little things such as a convertible boot) but the test drive was free. This drove much better than the 04, however it has had several modifications such as Kenny Brown stabilizer, Rousch air induction, Flowmaster dual exhaust and a few others bringing the total to around ~$7000 for them, which may have contributed to the better ride.

The M3 is not yet where I can drive it (out of State) however I did drive a black one that has a few less options than the one being considered for purchase. Very smooth ride and classy.

I'm a mom with 4 boys. They want muscle I want style. The rumble does sound good, It's bright blue with a white top. The Bim is Drakkar Yellow and Black. Price is about $5000 different, Can afford both but less is always more intrigueing (I'm sure we could get the M to rumble a little with a dinan).

Any way, the ford has 63k miles 2 owner Orthodontist, M3 44k miles 2 owner CPO car. What would you do???

01-13-2005, 05:20 PM
I think i would go with the bimmer. Although both models are the previous generation the mustang looks better, in my eyes, but i think the class and preformance of a M3, would persuade me to buy one. *hope it helps*

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