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99 L/C Timing Belt Replacement

01-05-2005, 11:27 AM
My 99 L/C V8 is due for timing belt replacement (100K miles). I had already the parts except for the tools for removing the crankshaft pulley. The SST tools recommended on the manual is to expensive for one use. Was there any other method to remove the pulley using an alternate tool method or any similar aftermarket tools?
Any advise or suggestion will be really appreciated..

01-14-2005, 08:22 AM
Best way to remove the crankshaft pully is going to be a 1/2" air-gun with a big (22mm?) socket. You may need to pull the radiator to fit the gun.

You can easily loosen it via many methods, breaker bar wedged on the ground to the right and bump the starter works pretty well. Tightening it back up is the tough part. And don't fool yourself, if you decide to take it to the dealer to have them do it thinking they'll use the SST, watch the mechanic and see him use an air gun.

I agree that it needs to be properly torqued when installed, so I'd recommend using a torque bar...Looks like a rubber extension and they come in all ratings. You'll usually see your local tire shop using them to install wheels using air guns. The torque bar absorbs the 'excess' torgue of the air gun allowing the bolt (or lug nut) to be torqued appropriately but not overtorqued.

You may be able to use a *very* large strap wrench to hold the crankshaft while you torque it down with a wrench.

Either way, please let me know how it goes...I've got to do mine in the next 15K miles.


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