1989 Tornado. No Spark.. please help. :(

12-29-2004, 06:00 PM
Hello.. and ty for helping if you post.

This is my problem. I started the car early in the morning and it fired right up with no problems. To warm it up. I went in the house to change clothes, came back out to a non running car.

The car has had no problems since this. I tried starting the car.. turns over but does not run.

I thought it was the fuel pump.. but in checking for spark find that there is no spark what soever. I checked all fuses (glove box).. and all are fine. I had my roomate check spark with sparkplug grounded to engine, body and negative terminal to battery and no spark.

Took apart the coil pack to have the regulator (fits under the pack) tested at the local parts store. And the regulator passed with flying colors.

We checked three different plugs to make sure that there was no spark. Still nothing.

Ive been told in checking around that if it was the coil pack (six bays) that it would still run but choppy. I was told that it could be the knock sensor but that it would still run (but missing badly) if it was bad. My question is that because I live in a small town where information is "lacking" what would be possibly the problem?

Please help.. I am without wheels.. lol



01-12-2005, 06:33 PM
If I had to guess i would say the crank sensor is bad. Pretty common item to fail on GM including the ignition module(which you have had checked)as well as main computer itself. Crank sensor and ignition module work together to fire plugs. If you have not unhooked battery already, check for trouble codes. Did your check engine light ever come on?? there are other things that can cause your car to run poorly, coil packs, egr valve, aic, as well as plugs and so forth, but prime suspects when not firing ignition module, crank sensor, then ecm(main computer).

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