156 - Clutch or Gearbox?

12-29-2004, 09:22 AM
This might be tricky - i have a noise/rumble when moving off.

I beleive it to be the clutch release/thrust bearing, but having read through some of these notes about gears needing replacment i'm not now too sure.

i am after help in three areas.
1) Can anyone offer another method of confirming the problem (metal in the gearbox oil, noise at certain times/speeds etc)
2) Does anyone have an exploded diagram of the gearbox/clutch on a 156 2litre ?
3) Anyone changed a thrust bearing? is it a nightmare?

Thanks in advance

01-17-2005, 04:32 PM
If anyone is interested it looks like the follwoing happened:-

1) Secondary shaft bearing (engine end) in the gearbox failed.
2) Lack of support at endine end caused vibration and wheel end bearing cracked
3) oil spray onto clutch plate caused smoke and smell (minor)
4) bearing (the little balls themselves) fell into bell housng and rattled about at high speed until they destroyed the clutch slave cylinder.

All this on a less than 25k mile car - what a pile of crap they are.

If anyone wants the name of a decent private garage (North Notts, UK) who did all the work in good time (1/2 day) and at decent prices (they called me in when gearbox was off to show off the problem) drop me a note on chamberst@nospamntlworld.com (remove nospam from the email address)

I will be getting rid of this car as soon as i'm happy the garage did a good job - don't want the hassle.

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