braking tick and abs light

12-28-2004, 03:27 PM
I have a 2001 ram 1500 4x4. For the past 2 weeks, when I touch the brake pedal I can hearing a ticking noise coming from the front driverside wheel. The ticking frequency is speed dependent. I had the brakes replaced, and the shop could not find the ticking noise. The truck performs get and there are no braking problems other than the ticking sound, but now for the strange part...

My abs and brake light are now coming on. However, as soon as my abs and brake light come on, usually on the freeway around 65mph, the ticking noise from braking is gone.

So with no abs and brake light, brand new brakes tick at the slightest touch of the brake pedal, with the ticking freq. equal to wheel revs.

With abs and brake light on, no ticking.

Plus the shop said that I only have abs in the rear.

Any ideas

12-30-2004, 09:19 AM
Wow...weird. I'd try first to make sure that everything is tight, there could be something loose. I'd bleed the brakes, in case that's causing the brake light to come on. Check the brake fluid level. After that, see if it still goes.

One other thing that could be making the ticking noise is a broken wheel stud. Just a thought for that.

11-22-2006, 12:59 PM
I have the same truck and same problem. I have had four different shops look at it, including the dodge dealer, no can find any thing wrong with it. I even had the front end re-built. If any one has any thing on this, I would greatly appreciate it.


11-22-2006, 06:13 PM
the first place to look for the abs light and brake light on at highway speeds is the rear end. There is a sensor on top of the pumpkin that controls the ABS. I had a similar problem but it was not due to my sensor being bad. The sensor costs about $50 at a dealer. If its not the sensor there may be soemthing broken on the inside of your pumpkin like a clutch pack or tone wheel or soemthing. Easy way to check that is to open her up and have a look. This is always good to do anyways to change the oil in there.

11-27-2006, 10:37 AM
I have already replaced the sensor on top of the pumpkin and no change. I have also heard there is a wire that goes to the drivers side hub and if it is disconnected it will make the ticking noise and make the lights come on, However, I have not seen any such wire??? I have also heard that it could be the ABS valve by the master cylender???

11-27-2006, 07:47 PM
have you checked your rear pumpkin though? Also have you owned this truck from new and know if the clutch packs ever went out yet? According to my dodge mechanic the clutch packs are a common issue in the rams. Which are in the rear and can cause problems once they go bad.

11-28-2006, 09:50 AM
No I have never checked the pumpkin. When I bought it it had 53000 mil on it. I didn't think the clutch packs would go out that soon, But sounds like a good place to check out next.

03-12-2016, 05:37 PM
Id like to renew this thread.. same exact sypmtoms.. replaced the sensor but still ticking sound coming from left wheel (i think) that or the diff itself.

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