Ohioan Drifters Meet Up!

Layla's Keeper
12-28-2004, 01:49 AM
Hello Fellow Drifters.

I represent a growing organization in Ohio; the North East Ohio Drifter's Alliance.

We, as an organization, are currently in negotiations with the owner/promoter of Sandusky Speedway (Kevin Jaycox) in Perkins Township as a site for drifting - both practice and competition. After the first of January, we will formally meet with Mr. Jaycox (he's currently preoccupied with the running of the Hangover Classic, a traditional race at Sandusky Speedway every New Year's Day. Also a race we'll be attending as a group).

What is needed from you, the lifeblood of the sport, is a mass turnout of attendance at both a crucial organization meeting this week and the Hangover to show the interest, the passion, that there is for this sport in Ohio. If all goes well, we'll prove to Mr. Jaycox that drifting should be a part of Sandusky Speedway's already rich 50+ years of heritage (which includes an Indy 500 champion, several winning NASCAR drivers, dozens of winning USAC champions, and so on through the years).

Please show your support for drifting and join the Alliance.

Justin Porter
Promoter/Race Director

01-30-2005, 08:13 PM
Come see the site of USDRIFT Ohio. Season of events is posted and we have a great forum too. We enjoy drifting and are trying to help drivers get seat time and learn quickly.

OutbrakeMotorsports (http://www.outbrakemotorsports.com)

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