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12-23-2004, 07:24 PM
Walton & Associates is a California law firm investigating potential claims of defects in NorthStar V8 engines used in Cadillac DeVilles from 1994 to the present. If you own a 1994 or newer Cadillac DeVille and you have experienced serious engine problems and you are a current resident of California who wishes to discuss potential claims of such product defects, please contact Walton & Associates at:

Along with your contact information, please 1) indicate the model year of your Cadillac DeVille and whether you believe the vehicle is still under factory warranty; 2) detail the problems with the engine that you have encountered thus far and when and at what mileage the problems began to occur; 3) state what efforts you have undertaken thus far to fix the problem(s); and 4) state the California city in which you reside.

Walton & Associates does not intend to and will not correspond with potential claimants who are not residents of California. Walton & Associates is an AV-Rated firm located in San Diego, California. Walton & Associates’ attorneys are licensed to practice law only in California.

Please be aware that transmission of email inquiries does not create an attorney/client relationship. Walton & Associates will not serve as your counsel in any matter unless you and our firm expressly agree in writing that we serve as your attorney. The person seeking to preserve any potential legal claims should contact an attorney promptly since we understand all states have mandatory time periods in which lawsuits must be filed with the courts; otherwise such claims may be forever barred.

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