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ignition stuck please help

12-23-2004, 07:49 AM
First off, I really dont know much about cars so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1990 Amigo 4x4 which I drive in the winter and in bad weather. We had a snowstorm yesturday and I drove the Amigo all day, no problem. I get in today, put the key in the ignition and it wont come out of the lock position. Its happened before and I would just remove the key, put it back in the ignition and it would go to the start position.
I've been messing with it for an hour and its not budging. It really sucks because we have about two feet of snow now and I cant get the damn key to work. The amigo is old, it has a ton of miles on it, rusted and ugly as hell but Ive never owned a more reliable vehilcle when it comes to snow and freezing temperatures. I dont plan on putting a great deal of money into this problem, I just want the damn thing to start, one way or the other. Thanks for any and all suggestions

12-31-2004, 05:29 AM
I realize that this is a bit late, and you may have fixed/sorted out the problem. But I was just wondering if you've tried rotating the steering wheel back and forth while trying to turn the key. I have this issue with both my Amigo and our other car. The steering wheel ends up being locked with pressure on the lock pin, which doesn't allow it to retract as you try to turn the key, which in turn doesn't allow the key to turn. I often have to wiggle the steering wheel a bit to get my key to work because of this.

Hope you already fixed your problem, and if not I hope this helps you out.

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