White Smoke...

12-18-2004, 12:42 AM
Hi, new to AF so if this is wrong in any way please correct it.

I have a 03 Mazda 6s (manumatic tranny), 7300 miles on odometer. Sometimes while driving i notice excessive amounts of smoke coming from the tailpipes, more so than other cars i see. Also it appears to be at times thicker,whiter, in color than normal exhaust that i notice.

Also upon coming to a stop, the interior will bring in a strong bad smelling substance whenever the a/c is on sometimes. This is also noticable upon exiting the car, the smell sticks around. Im not to sure as to what could be causing this problem and would like to know from anyone who has an idea. If it means anything i recently had oil changed.


12-19-2004, 07:21 PM
Do this first before anyting too extreme , Pop your hood , check out the oil cap , look underneath the il cap for a white goo , if there is white coloring , you have a bad head gasket ( with only 7300 miles you should be under warranty and fall well within warranty limits defect limits. ) I have 18K on mine and nothing yet.

Ok , so if there is no white goo , next thing is pull your dip stick out and check it for a white substance on the dipstick , same as above applies. If not , next , go to the rear of the car , run your finger around the inside of the exhaust tips and see if it's a carbon build up or a oily build up , if it's oily , you probably have valves screwed or some burnt rings. or possibly too much oil in the pan which can cause this too. Let me know how this turns out , I will help you from here after you check those. Good luck

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