'01 v6 tyranny & cluster problem

12-17-2004, 04:49 AM
I have a '01 SE-v6 Frontier w/~130k miles.

Recently I was moving back out to California from misery (MO), a little overloaded with a trailer.

I was cruising on I-5 in 5th gear with my cruise control on when my truck RPMs started to climb higher & my speed drop slowly.

I put in the clutch the cruise control turned off & I let it back out & tried to accelerate & the same thing happened.
I shifted into 4th & tried to accelerate, this time I had power.

I went back to 5th after reaching 60mph, tried to accelerate a little. I had no prob. Went back onto cruise control & about3 min later the same thing happened.

Since I haven't been towing any thing it has happened twice.
Is this the sign of a clutch or tyranny prob?

Another funny thing happened on my way out to Missouri. Again while cruising at 80 on I-80 at night, not towing anything, my cluster went haywire all of the needles went dead, the LED zeroed out (i.e. 00000000)then went dead killing my cruise control with it, I had thought the truck died. :eek:

The cluster lighting & headlights had stayed on the entire time & then the LCD just restarted, the cruise light was blinking, but the needles stayed dead like the truck was off.

Instead of pulling off the freeway I decided to do a rolling restart, turned the key off threw it into neutral put the clutch in & tried to fire her up, well when I turned the key to the run position the needles came back to life & the tack told me that the motor was still running.

About an hour later the same thing happened, I pulled off to try & assess what the problem, fuses, maybe a wire I kicked, anything but I couldnít find any.

It hasnít happened since. Any suggestions?


12-23-2004, 03:21 PM
That is your clutch slipping. The miles show it's time for a new one. The slippage you described is 100% clutch. Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing should be changed as a set. Good Luck

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