Attention Midwest Drifters!

Layla's Keeper
12-16-2004, 02:39 AM
My fellow enthusiasts.

With organizations like Drift Day and Formula Drift on the rise, it has come to the attention of Ohio's competitive drifters that an organized drift club is a necessity in our area. With this in mind, I have devised plans that will set into motion the formation of an active drift club based out of Northern Ohio serving midwestern interests.

We are set to approach the management of Sandusky Speedway and Mansfield Motorsports Speedway to arrange (at first) organized practice days which will evolve into amateur competition. Not to be premature, but there is also talk of local businesses as potential sponsors and of Drift Day sanctioning.

However, before anything can properly occur, what's needed is an outpouring of support from the Midwestern community. Event procedure, safety and modification rulebook, and further idiosyncracies are still free-form.

If you've ever felt a drifting group hasn't served your needs, met your expectations, or has failed to bring you to the level you aspire to, then please join in on the ground floor of our organization. Through hard work, acceptance and goodwill towards other racing disciplines, and good faith, we can use the motorsports resources of Ohio to make the Midwest the center of drifting in the Nation.

Please, contact me either through e-mail or Private Message here at AF to find out how we will make this dream a pure reality. We have little time to act as organization representatives will be making our case to Sandusky Speedway owner and promoter Kevin Jaycox at the traditional Hangover Race, January 1st at Sandusky Speedway.

12-16-2004, 12:44 PM
you might want to contact J Kyle, the promoter of Drift Battle in Flint, MI. is his website

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