if i can't figure it out, it is for sale

12-15-2004, 12:33 PM
i have been reading through this site for a couple of months now. finally figured that i would become a member. anyway, i have an 88 929, and if i can't fix it any time soon, it will be up for sale. my mother gave me the car two months ago, because she was tired of putting money into it for nothing. she has replaced the alternator, water pump, timing belt, starter, and various odds and ends. the problem we have had with it is this. when you first start it up when it is cold, it runs like a champ. good idle, good accelleration. but when it warms up, it loses a lot of power under load. but it still idles perfectly, and runs good under normal driving conditions. but, say i was to try to pass someone, it would downshift fine, but it will not speed up fast. it feels like the timing is being retarded. pulled the plugs the other day, and they had major ash deposits covering them. i cleaned them off, and also pulled the intake manifold and had the egr ports cleaned (they were severely clogged), it runs a lot better now, but still is bogging down under load. if anyone can figure it out, please let me now what you think. if not, the car is for sale for 700 dollars. i would really like to get another escort gt.(which i can work on blindfolded.) or if you know anyone with a 91-96 gt with a blown motor, who would possibly want to trade, let me know. my name is curtis, you can email me, or call me at (937)215-2601. THANK YOU GUYS(and girls).

10-17-2006, 12:10 PM
Check the wires to the distributor unplugged 12v running with a volt meter it should be 6v as it is pulseing to fast for the meter. The pickup is a problem area. You have to buy a rebuilt at nopi. They don't sell pickups.
Check the crankshaft position sensor when unplugged an ohm meter should go from zero to one when cranking.

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