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which one to buy R32 GTR or R33 Gts-t???

12-15-2004, 01:31 AM
im moving to japan in about a month and im going to get a not sure which to get im stuck between a R32 GTR and a R33 Gts-t...what do you people think????im looking for a car that has a good amount of power but at the same time i need it to be a good daily last car was a 94 supra with a T-78 on had a pretty good power band...alittle laggy but not too bad.... so im open to any advice....what do you people think thanks in advance...

R32 GTR pros/cons:
-faster than R33 Gts-t
-has a rb26dett
-cost more than R33 gts-t
-parts are more expensive than r33

R33 Gts-t pros:
-i like the look better than R32
-Cheaper parts
-alittle weak on the power side(so i heard)

12-16-2004, 03:51 PM
Have you seen a R32 GTR in person? Pics do not do them justice, but I will try. Here is my GTR.

Actually parts run about the same, unless you have the ATTESSA go out, other than that both cars are really not that cheap to run.

Lock out the HICAS, if its not locked out.

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