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96 Sable ABS trouble

12-10-2004, 07:49 AM
Hi --
I just brought my Sable back into my local repairshop after they had already checked my abs and said it was fine, that the dash warning light was the result of a faulty sensor. It (automatically) failed inspection because of the light, and now the same repairshop is saying that I need to replace the abs motor and module for the nice price of $ 2K.
I grew up in snowy, icy conditions without abs. I just asked the repairshop if the abs and brake system were independent, and whether we could safely defeat the abs (and warning light) without effecting the braking system. They said they'd think about it. I'm handy. First, is this wise. Second, I'm handy (used to work on my more difficult saabs), and could probably proceed myself with a little instruction. Any suggestions?



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