Financing a new car

12-07-2004, 09:56 PM
Sorry to make another one of these topics, but I really need the opinion of those who are around cars. I tried looking for a similar topic but couldn't really find one, so here goes....

I'm 18, been driving my 94 Mercury Tracer for two years, and I'm wanting something newer around $10,000 or lower total. I'm going to be financing it, with payments around $150-200 a month being acceptable. I don't really want a high insurance car, yet I want a car with a little bit of hp (not a good mix, i know), at least something that won't struggle to get up a hill like my current car. I will be using this car as my daily driver, and I'm not going to be modding it or anything. Basically I'm looking for a nice reliable car with acceptable gas mileage and a little bit of power, anymore than my Tracer would probably due. I have a couple of cars in mind, but I would like the opinions of those of you who are knowledgeable (sp?) about autos. Thanks in advance!

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