i must just suck at nfsu2

12-04-2004, 04:18 PM
i'm getting irritated with that game. i have a supra with all level 2's and some level 3's and it's fast, but doesn't handle near as well as the 240 i started with. i've tweaked and tweaked and can't get it good. the rx-8 handles really nice, but i think thy are ugly as hell. does the rx-7 (which i haven't unlocked yet) handle as well as the 8? 2 other things... does anyone know of a website with a map of all the shop locations, b/c i know i'm missing a few. and do you ever get any more body kit options than the 4 or less loser ones?

12-04-2004, 09:44 PM
I didn't like the Supra, never had the RX8, but the RX7 was awesome. Just wait until you unlock it. You'll love it. Also, the Skyline was nice too.

12-05-2004, 03:36 AM
there a plenty more body kits to unlock.
I never looked for a map but if you look at the street signs they have shop icons and arrows pointing in the directions of the shops so just follow them to the shops locations.

12-05-2004, 03:38 AM
oh I forgot to mention that some when you find shops some of them will unlock more parts.

12-05-2004, 01:41 PM
i'm really happy to hear there is more body kits. i 've got plenty of stupid looking roof scoops and spoiler, and i've been wondering intently about there being any kits that did look absolutely terrible... especially the ones on the eclpise... barf. thanks for your help guys, i appreciate it.

12-05-2004, 03:35 PM
yea, in my opinion the RX7 is the best car on there. i feel your pain about the Supra, its just too fat to handle good, but you might wanna give the eclipse a try until you unlock the RX7. i beat the game with my eclipse, its AWD btw, so it blasts out of corners. as for the shop location map, go to gamefaqs.com and look for the nfsu2 faq. theres a link to a map with every shop.

12-05-2004, 05:31 PM
sweet thanks

i looked in vain for quite a while

12-25-2004, 11:57 PM
Ok, heres da scoop, this is da best advice u can get(trust me)Ok, for one, dont go to dyno, it makes ur car worse if u dont do it right and it will still be slower if ya do do it right. 2, the rx7 is better than the rx8 speed wise, 3, da supra has bad handling. Period. 4, the skyline is da best car in da game so when u unlock it, use it...there ya go.

12-26-2004, 08:08 PM
Thats not the best advice, have you even beat the game yet????
I beat the game with the 240 and supra and rx7 and its easy, all you need to do is keep on racing.
and if you tune your car correctly it does go faster a lil not goes slower if u do it right.

12-26-2004, 08:11 PM
after playing online alot lately, i've learned that the trueno makes every other car feel like they're driving on ice with slicks. that car is by far the best handling one, which is no suprise.

12-27-2004, 04:13 PM
For a totally different approach to beating the game, I started with a Miata, kept going with that until I got the Audi TT, which I used for drag races only, while using the Miata in everything else, then used the STi once that was unlocked for everything except the Street-X races, where I continued to use the Miata.

Upon going back and doing other races, I have had a few strange things happen like lapping the other cars in Street-X races and had one circuit race with the STi where the top speed of the AI cars was 125, but average speeds were 135+ :huh: I don't like the super-catch up abilities of the AI in the game.

If you know what you're doing, tuning can make a HUGE improvement.

01-04-2005, 11:54 PM
I use to be horrible at street x races. But I own the drift scene. :smokin:

01-13-2005, 04:16 AM
I used the supra from when it was available and it was good till i got the rx8, which was fantastic. These 2 finished the career mode 4 me - both were fully modded

01-13-2005, 09:39 PM
I hated the supra in the game(dont get me wrong i love older supras)

as far a car wise
1) 240 was my favorite all around car
2)Eclipse .. it just blows me away
3)Stang... ONLY FOR DRAG i just love the sound(cant find a good kits to add)
4) Skyline Love it but still would choose my Eclipse

online?? i think its funny cause my eclipse is only lowered tinted painted black then rims added... little do most people realize that i have everything maxed out almost :D its good fun

01-16-2005, 01:58 AM
its all about the corolla/tureno. by far the best handeling of all. well of all the cars I have. I still have not beaten the game

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