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Anyone familiar with BG44k fuel cleaner?

12-02-2004, 05:14 PM

found an old receipt for a repair at 33K miles, was having some rough idle on cross country trip, mechanics changed fuel filter and added BG44K fuel cleaner. I remember now they were very impressed with the product. It also gets good reviews on a google search.

Anyone used it, or have knowledge of it?

I believe I recall some posts in the forum referring to a BG product, but the search function won't allow 2 character searches, any posts you know of in he forum?

here's an interesting pov on bg44k:


12-02-2004, 06:52 PM
I run it through both of my vehicles along with a few of there other products.
Every oil change gets MOA
every 30k Iduction sys service which includes induction sys cleaning fuel treatment and decarbonizing of the pistons and valves.
Today fl;ushed P/S which included running a cleaner by BG , Flushed cooling sys also from BG and included a selant that they sell and flushed brake sys.
I highly reccomend using their products
when I bought my trooper it had 245,000 miles onn it rear end is worn and was singing a tune BG makes an additive / friction modifier I heard about it from on eof th eBG salesmen he assured me this would cure the noise did not belive it would so he gave me the additive to try it and I can assure you all I am now a beliver in that one I know its only a temp fix but I am now at 290,000 and its still quiet

12-02-2004, 10:36 PM
Every oil change gets MOA

every 30k Iduction sys service which includes induction sys cleaning fuel treatment and decarbonizing of the pistons and valves.

Great to hear. can you elaborate on your comments:
what is MOA?
What is 30K iduction sys service, and what is the sys cleaning fuel treatment and decarb of the pistons and valves involve.

I ask as I'm trying to do a thorough 60K maitenance! Today I did the carb cleaner down the egr intake (first time) to clean the EGR port from a 1/4 pipe opening to a 1/2 pipe opening (when looking through TB). Also, I've run BG44K at 18K, and am currently running a chevron techron (60K), but I think I should have used BG44K as I've neglected to regularly use a fuel treatment. Am I doing enough????

FYI, never failed a smog (last was 4 months ago), I believe this is a good indication of the EGR. Also, no CEL currently (had one for a day a month ago - never got code read - went away on it's own).

WOW - 4 weeks ago I didn't know you could even open the hoods on trucks - hehehe! :loser:

Thanks a bunch!

12-05-2004, 08:26 AM
I am the manager of a quick lube that uses BG Products and i can say I have never had any complaints with the 44K. I have used it myself and am very impressed at the performance increase of my vehicle. The 44K is as strong as 3 super concentrated STP fuel Inj Cleaners and should only be used every 4000 miles. I have been told by my distributor that it last that long in the tank as long as it stays at least 1/2 full of fuel at all times.

12-06-2006, 06:04 AM
I use BG44K every 1k or so miles in our 93 infiniti (63K miles) and 99 Audi A8 (96k). They run really well. No throttle pause. Replaced Audi plugs after 40K miles. Still really clean! Audi highway mpg about 28 (EPA rating 25).

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