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RB25det swap into r32?

11-28-2004, 06:05 AM
I recently just put my r32 into a bridge and since it is in dire need of repairs and how i was forced to drive home with no coolant i am considering on swapping a rb25det in but am curious on whats needed to acomplish this and will a front clip have all i need or will i need a rear end and drive shaft too and which modl will be easier to swap in a r33 or r34 rb25?

11-28-2004, 06:17 AM
i guess i should mention it's a gts-t type-m. and i have a tanabe downpipe, test pipe and cat -back so would i be able to use those still?

11-29-2004, 12:13 AM
Driftkingz your other posts have been removed as there is no need to repeat the same thing 16 times in under 3 minutes. This constitutes spam which is not permitted on AF and is a bannable offence. Seeing as you are asking a question I have removed the other posts and not banned you, but consider this a warning should you spam again you WILL BE BANNED.

11-29-2004, 12:14 AM
and to answer your question yes it can be done. A friend of mine has done it to his GTST coupe. I will try and find out from him what he had to do.

12-05-2004, 02:14 AM
sry about that the site wouldn't reload after i posted. so i hit the button a couple more times..

12-05-2004, 02:19 AM
basicly i want to know if theres acustom mounts that need to be made and can i bolt my stock tranny or would i need to use the rb25 tranny , if so do i need a new drive shaft or rear end? info would much be appreciated as i am forced to do this by my own as i live in Canada and no shop has any experience in this matter. but i am the first in canada to total a skyline off...

12-05-2004, 02:35 AM
The RB25 will bolt in using your stock mounts and will mount up to your transmission. If you swap the engine, you'll need an RB20DET's wire harness and ECU. Your transmission will be able take the stock engine. It will be something you'll have to plan on changing as you upgrade the engine. Or you could install an RB25DET trans at the same time. The RB25DET uses a larger output yoke (same size as a 300ZX), so the best option is to have a custom drive shaft made.

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