Buying Advice Please

11-09-2004, 03:08 PM
Hi Guys,

I currently own a nissan 300zx (Z32).

Having loved this car for many years and now having a child and a second on the way, its time to move on to a more family car.

I dont want just any family car as I want something that will match up to my Z, so I have decided on the M5 3.8 on around a 1992.

I have seen one that I like very much, its had a full respray in white, has half alacantara seats, and is completly stock.

Its on a 1992, is a L reg has done 150k and had 7 owners :O

The car is up for 6k, however it can be sold for 4k. The reason I have been told is that the suspension system is on its way out, it no longer adjust on hard acceleration / driving. This I understand can be replaced with normal operating high quality shocks and spring for around 1k as apposed to 2k for the high tech system

I am not too worried about the suspension as it still drives fine. I am concerned with the milage though, 150k is a lot to me on any engine, is this sort of thing acceptable for an M5 though? its had seven owners I guess acceptable for an old vehicle, the current owner is saying that he has had it nearly three years, although I have seen no paperwork yet.

I am used to 8mpg round town in my current car and 17 on long journeys at cruise so petrol I hope is not of a concern as it isnt going to be much more than that?

Parts though I can imagine are a bit of a nightmare to get hold having made so few of these cars??

Can anyone give advice to a prospective buyer? any input would be appreciated.



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