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71 dodge challenger

11-07-2004, 04:37 PM
Someone broke into my 71 dodge challenger. They cut one of the main wiring harnesses coming directly out of the steering column.
There are 2 groupes of wires that come out of the steering column.
The first group is smaller gauge ie 16/18 gauge wire that was not touched.
The second group is the heavier gauge ie 12 gauge that was cut.
I have narrowed down via color code most of the connections however due to the fact the plastic connector block that normally connects the steering column wires to the actual harness had previously melted several of these heavy gauge connections had been twisted together with wire nuts.
My question is the heavy gauge wire I cannot seem to trace is the red wire. The only place I can think it might go would be a connection to a small guage wire that leads to the accessory on the fuse block.
After all this I still have no ignition/starter.
I can drive the car because I hot wired it under the hood but I need my steering column functions back.
Can anyone help? Thanks

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