Purchsing a vehicle in Mexico

11-05-2004, 03:26 PM
I am a US Citizen and resident currently living in Mexico. I am interested in purchasing a car here and driving it back to the states. Should I buy new or used and what are the implications of each option?

I have my eye on a VW. If I buy used what proof do I need in order to enter the US and title it? Do I need to pay special taxes when crossing the border? Do I need to pay taxes in both the US and Mexico? Are there any issues with the fact that the car was built for use in Mexico (i.e., uses the metric system instead of standard)?

Also, I have found that VW has some inexpensive models that are not carried in the US (i.e., Pointer, Derby, etc.). Are these good cars? If purchased new from the dealer are their warranties valid in the US? Can US dealers service the vehicles? Do you have any information or suggestions regarding this topic? Is it easy to do (or even possible)? What would be any issues I may encounter if trying to resell the car in the US? Are there any websites offering information on this? Thanks very much for your insight.

11-06-2004, 12:51 PM
to be imported from mexico, mexican cars must be on the exemption list, this exemption list mainly consists of cars that were also sold in the US or exotic luxury cars that cost over $100000.

You will not be able to legally import a mexican VW as a street car.

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