01 2.5 Z3 throwing P0369 & P1620 & noise.

11-03-2004, 11:27 PM
Helping a friend out and hoping someone can point me in the right direction or provide input.

1. Engine makes a loud popping noise during upper RPM hard accelleration. At first I thought it was detination, but instead of being a rattling sound, this is more of a rapid metalic popping sound of slightly varying intensity- but it can be fairly loud.

2. Throwing check-engine light, codes are P0369 (Camshaft Position Sensor B- Bank 1, BMW CKT Intermittent) and P1620 (MAP Cooling Control Circuit - HIGH).

Despite my SEVERE warnings :nono: the owner has a very bad habit of pulling away at full-throttle nearly to redline, with the motor stone cold.

I don't know if these motors have timing chains or belts, but I *suspect* the timing chain is stretched so far off that the valves might be touching the pistons, but have no idea with this type of motor. Don't know if the P0369 means the sensor is going bad or out of range. The P1620 has me lost.

It has 62,000 miles and all the recommended dealer oil changes withing spec. It's also developed a soft knock at idle ( :disappoin ).

Any suggestions/ thoughts/ feedback for the owner/ paranoid rambling?

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