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VRIS Plates

11-02-2004, 09:00 PM
hey, when my probe accelerates up to 3000 rpm it has a problem accelerating. but once i get passed this, it accelerates like normal... it will chug and hesitate, not easy to describe in words but anyways, it only does it when it's hot. could this be the VRIS plates sticking or something? i just took it to ford to get it checked out. and there all dumbasses, there telling me to put my old air intake on, i have a boomz racing air intake on it. but this wouldn't effect it would it? it is properly installed, me and my friend (a mechanic) put it on. i don't know what the prob could be im thinking about spraying some deep creep stuff into the plates. im lost right now cause i would put my old intake on but the boot was junked. and i don't feel like buying one for 80 bucks, but that's the only way the mechanics at ford will go more in depth with it. if anyone here could help me i would definatly appreciate it.

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