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'99 LX470 "shudder"

10-29-2004, 11:06 AM
I have a '99 LX 470 that has developed a slight "shudder" under acceleration. It's only apparent from a standing start and only when the front wheels are slightly turned. It's full-time 4wd.

First started doing it after the 90K dealer service. Wondering if it's related to diff fluid or something in the center-diff. Had it back to the dealer the next day but it was so intermittant at the time that I couldn't reproduce it (of course). They re-checked fluid levels which were OK. Now it's pretty much all of the time but I am afraid of going back to the dealer and getting surprised.

So far, the truck has been awesome. I just replaced a couple tail-light bulbs and a low-beam. This was basically the first non-routine maintenance that the truck has required in 100K miles.

Anyone else experience this or have some suggestions? I have access to lifts and tools so I could do some basic checking.

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