Car Storage

10-22-2004, 10:14 AM
I have a 1988 Mazda 929 that has not been driven since Jan 1998. Prior to parking the vehicle I filled it with premium gas and added a fuel stabilizer. Once a year after that I started the engine and brought it up to normal operating temperature. I then topped up the fuel tank and added additional stabilizer. Note that each time I added the stabilizer I ran the engine for about 5 min in accordance with the stabilizer directions.
I would like to put the vehicle back into operation next week and am wondering whether I will have a problem with the stale fuel, particularly as the last time I started it the engine would surge above idle RPM to about 1300 RPM, and then on its own would come back to normal RPM, and then surge again. The engine ran smooth if I held the gas down to give a steady 13 or 1400 RPM.
As I see it there are three options. One...start the car and drive it until the tank is down to about 3/4, then top it up with new fuel, and add a "Deposit Control Additive", it to a garage and have the fuel tank drained, Or Three...have it towed (about 5 mi) to a garage and have the fuel tank drained.
Advice on how you would handle the situation would be greatly appreciated. Note that the vehicle has about 60,000 mi. Also, there is a fuel strainer in the neck of the filler pipe therefore I am unable to siphon the old fuel out.
Thanks. Pablo

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