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Diagnostic software ???

10-19-2004, 09:00 PM
Hey guys just wondering what diagnostic tools you all recomend or use yourself. i stumbled across of few software products one from and the other from that look pretty descent but not cheap
but i like the fact i can put my notebook too use that just sits around collecting dust for the past year and a half
just cant bring myself too sell it so think this is just the thing too give it new life.
anyone try any of these products ?? or something simular.if i were to buy one of these products am i limited too just my jeep or will this service other vehicles as well??
any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

98 ZJ I-6 4.0

10-20-2004, 07:31 AM
Ive seen the system demonstrated on the DIY Network looks pretty Impresive. Its much better than a code reader especially the Graphics. I dont know how much capacity it has as far as ABS and Transmission but for the price its not bad.

10-22-2004, 10:59 AM
i was able too dig this up on the auto tap tool.the basic unit sells for $200 then another $99 for additional enhanced paremeters for Ford, GM amd Chrysler vehicles heres the advanced list for Chrysler

4WD Mux Switch Input
A/C Pressure
A/C Pressure Sensor
A/C Relay
Actual Gov Pressure
Adaptive Fuel Factor #1
Adaptive Fuel Factor #2
Additive Adaptive Fuel #1
Additive Adaptive Fuel #2
Ambient/Battery Temp
Ambient/battery temp sensor
Backpressure EGR Solenoid
Baro Read Update
Barometric Pressure
Battery Trim Offset
Battery Voltage
Battery/Ambient Temperature
Battery/Ambient Temperature Sensor
Boost Pressure Goal
Brake Fluid Level Switch
Bus Ambient Temp Voltage
Calclulated Load Value
Calpot Adjustment
Calpot Multiplier
Camshaft Edge Counter
Catalyst Temp Sensor
Catalyst Temperature
Charge Temperature Sensor
Charging System Target
Clutch Interlock Switch
Clutch Upstop Switch
CNG Pressure
CNG Pressure Sensor
CNG Temp Sensor
CNG Temperature
Crankshaft Edge Counter
Cylinder #1 Knock Retard
Cylinder #2 Knock Retard
Cylinder #3 Knock Retard
Cylinder #4 Knock Retard
Dis Signal Status
DTC #1 Start/Run Counter
DTC #2 Start/Run Counter
DTC #3 Start/Run Counter
EGR Duty Cycle
EGR Position Sensor
Engine Coolant Temperature
Engine Coolant Temperature Input
Engine Speed
Ethanol Content %
Feedback Factor 1/1
Flex Fuel Sensor
Flexible Fuel Sensor
Fuel Control Status #1
Fuel Control Status #2
Fuel Level
Fuel Level Sensor
Gov Pressure Duty-Cycle
IAC Stepper Motor Position
Inlet Air Temperature
Inlet Air Temperature Sensor
Inlet Air Temperautre Sensor
Intake Air Charge Temp
Intake Air Charge Temp Sensor
J1850 Communication Bus
Knock Sensor #1
Knock Sensor #2
Leak Detection Pump Solenoid
Linear EGR Solenoid
Linear Intake Air Idle Control (IAC)
Linear Purge Solenoid
Manifold Absolute Pressure
Manifold Tuning Valve Solenoid (MTV)
Map Gauge Reading
Minimum Airflow Idle Speed
Minimum Pedal Position #1
Minimum Pedal Position #2
Minimum Throttle Position #1
Minimum Throttle Position #2
Modeled Ambient Temperature
Modeled Battery Temperature
Modeled Charge Temperature
Not used since 1989 model year TBI Truck
O2 sensor 1/1 signal input
O2 Sensor 1/1 State
O2 Sensor 1/2
O2 Sensor 1/2 State
O2 Sensor 1/3
O2 Sensor 1/3 State
O2 Sensor 2/1
O2 Sensor 2/1 State
O2 Sensor 2/2
O2 Sensor 2/2 State
O2 State Average
O2 Volts Average
Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure Sensor
Oil Pressure Switch
Output Shaft Speed
Overall Knock Retard
Part-Throttle Unlock Solenoid
Pedal Opening %
Pedal Position Sensor #1
Pedal Position Sensor #2
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV)
Power Steering Switch
Present Gear
Purge Current F.B
PWM O2 Heater Relay
Radiator Coolant Temp Sensor
Radiator Coolant Temperature
S/C A/D Switch Input
Sentry Key Immobilizer (SKIM)
Set Sync Mode
Spark Advance
Spark Advance Offset
Speed Control Relay
Speed Control Status
Speed Control Target
Theft Alarm Status
Theoretical Gov Pressure
Throttle Actuator Duty-Cycle
Throttle Opening %
Throttle Position #1 Limp-Home
Throttle Position #2 Limp-Home
Throttle Position Sensor #1 Signat Input
Throttle Position Sensor #2
Throttle-body temperature
Torque Reduction Status
Total Spark Advance
Transducer Offset
Transmission Fan Relay
Transmission Fluid Temp Sensor
Transmission Fluid Temperature
Vehicle Speed
Vehicle Theft Alarm (VTA)
Wastegate Duty-Cycle
Water-in-Fuel Sensor

thats a whole lotta paremeters but not all are available on every vehicle

10-22-2004, 11:51 AM
yea it's to bad they don't have anything for pre 96 Models

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