Subaru STI vs 93 mark 8

10-18-2004, 02:22 PM
Well comming home from vocational school school today a blue sti pulled up behind me and was following me closely and all that. So when we get to a red light hes a few feet back so I cant see if he wants to do anything. When the light changes green I start off normals and so does he unless I hear the rpm's come up and see him start moving ahead. So I flood it to start going to and for 1st and some of sencond I have him. THen get gets into the end of second going into 3rd and just starts pulling. So after going up to about 90 he lets off it but I ketch up with him. Were goin in and outa lanes, I guess he was seeing if I wanted to go again. WHile this is happening I see a blue mazda 3 trying to keep up. But saddy the 4cylinder cant match the sti and the V8. SO when we get onto a back road thats about a mile or so perfectly straight with no bumps I fly past him and get it up to about 115. I notice hes trying to keep up but by the time I get over a hill I guess he turned off. I knew and he knew that he could beat me over and over again since hes so much lighter and has those few extra horses and tourqe. Now Im thinking why go buy a 300z non turbo when it cant even keep up with the Mark 8. I decided to get an old chevy or dodge and put a nice big 350hp+ engine in it. So I can burn all the little ricers now.

Oh yea by the look on his face when I pased him I could tell the liked the loud american muscle engine noise compaired to his blow off valve everytime you shift.

Also a funny fact at votech today I did the rear spring conversion in an hour, but while doing that My rear sway bar fell out. Then I realized where the bushing is was completly rusted appart. So to all you mrk 8's out there you might wana check your sway bars becasue its not fun doing 115mph and your rear ends swaying all over.

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