info on APS TT?

10-16-2004, 05:45 PM
im debating on a greddy or an aps tt does anyone know anything on the aps tt? I believe the aps gave more horsepower.

10-20-2004, 06:39 PM
I have a Greddy and would trade it for the APS any day. The Greddy is comprised of shelf parts, whereas, the APS was specifically designed for our vehicle . . . and produces more out-of-the-box whp. If you're looking to tune & boost up this beast, then either kit should be capable, but I will say the APS was engineered much better (efficiencies).

10-21-2004, 09:21 AM
Yeah doesn't greddy use stock Mitsubishi turbos?

10-21-2004, 05:56 PM

10-21-2004, 09:39 PM
What Is The Difference Between Aps And Greddy Hp Wise? 0-60? And 1/4 Mile?

So Should I Go With The Aps?

10-21-2004, 10:44 PM
what about the power enterprises tt?

10-22-2004, 12:26 AM
Stock Greddy Maps w/ intercooler: 330-350whp at 5.6 psi.

APS: 400+ (depending on what octane you run) with a safe 8-9lbs of boost.

Power Enterprise is a good kit, but I think reflashing the ecu handcuffs you bit when you're trying to up the boost. If I'm not mistaken, APS may be releasing different maps for anyone building the bottom end and wanting a higher limit. In either case, the quality and design difference outweighs the difference in cost. Plus, good luck paying for labor on the Greddy. You'll be lucky to find a shop (that has never installed one in a Z) capable of installing it in less than 50hrs. I've heard a range anywhere from 40-80hrs. That's a huge labor bill!

I've spent weeks reviewing each one, but I unfortunatey didn't have the patience back in June to wait on APS . . . that's probably the biggest mistake I made in my project vehicle (see featured car for this week).

10-22-2004, 02:42 PM
dang 350G is that your car? Thats a sweet ass ride. My 350Z is also redline. So in your opinion should I get the Greddy TT or the APS TT? Im looking for a daily driver not a dragster. I like the outhside the way it is except for some rims of course. I dont race at all because of my bad driving record 4 speeding tickets. It will just makine me feel good knowing that I have one plus I want to beat the shit out of my buddies STI. I want something reliable. And me and my buddy were going to install it at his shop hes a mechanic and has dropped a few turbos on cars. He even does fabrication. The only thing is that he has never done a 350 before. Were doing it as a little project. should I trust him or do it by someone who has done one before?

10-22-2004, 03:21 PM
RED: Yeah, that's my beater :D

To be brutally honest, I would let your buddy do it only with the APS kit. The APS directions and quality of fitment make installing much easier than the Greddy. I've had friends have an easier time installing the Greddy with the engine pulled since its extremely tight around the exhaust manifolds and wastegates--an area prone to leaking if not properly secured. Plus, the APS is geared as a properly tuned, out of the box, daily driver, kick @ss kit :D

10-22-2004, 04:23 PM
Thanks man
10-31-2004, 01:57 PM
APS all the way, we just got some videos that daking350z had made after the frist USA install of the APS was done. there is also a video of a friend at the track as well. this kit is the real deal IMO and really puts greddy to shame.

11-03-2004, 08:38 AM
This kit definitely is the real deal! Good luck getting one prior to their next batch in February (plant shutdown for the winter).

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