Help: Contemplating IS300 custom stereo ... have tons of questions!

02-17-2002, 11:24 PM
Hello everyone,

I just got a 2002 black / black IS300 and, although very happy with the stereo, am contemplating an upgrade.

I basically was thinking about beefing up the bass with some nice subs (I prefer JL) and a kickass amp.

Basically, what I am wondering is

- what are the rears (behind backseat) that are in the car now?
- are those the subs?
- what are the dimensions of the subs?
- does JL or anyone else have a sub w/ compatible dimensions?
- any information about the interworkings of the is300 stereo system so i can start to figure out what kind of nightmare it's going to be to wire an amp w/ the stock head.
- any recommendations for stereo shops in Los Angeles to do an install (i am thinking street sound plus in Thousand Oaks or Phantom Electronics, also in Thousand Oaks)

Any info is appreciated! Please post on your experiences if you got a custom install.

Thanks -- PEACE!

Jason Carlton

(I would include my IS pic here but I don't have one and besides it is just stock with 20% tint and flush spoiler anyways so just close your eyes and think back to the showroom! :D)

11-21-2004, 12:15 PM
the speakers behind the back seat of my 2001 are 6x9's and they are not subs it is just a woofer with a seperate tweeter built on top. The is300 comes with a factory amp to power your internal speakers. In the front doors they come with 6 1/2's. If you want to just change your speakers in the rear its kind of hard since you have to take the whole back panel off and on mine the seats since they dont' fold down. Im taking mine into the shop on friday to put an alpine deck, 6.5" infinity components, 6x9 power acoustiks, a DHD 4 channel amp for interiors, 2- Ma Audio 1200wx1 for the 2 power acoustik MOFO subs

11-21-2004, 12:17 PM
oh yeah they have to rewire your speakers if you get new ones because of the factory amp that comes in these cars

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