2000 jimmy SES p0463

10-12-2004, 03:46 PM
would someone have some info on code p0463? i know its the fuel level sensor circuit or sender, the mechanic told me i need a fuel pump module + fuel injector svc plus fuel filter(had the latter 2 mths ago) also have had defective fuel injectors replaced a while back. past warranty now. is this a serious code? also had code p0442 but my gas cap was loose. had a problem with the fuel gauge after had the wrong coolant put in, had room to add the right stuff yesterday, about 1/2 container and my gauge seems to be working again-is that related to the sensor do you think? also changed my gas cap as the other seemed to not close right. the light is still on, but this only happened yesterday. there does not seem to be any physical problems right now so i did not have them fix it. any info anyone would give me would be very much appreciated. thank you!

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