1998 Having ALL KINDS of electrical problems

10-09-2004, 10:00 PM

Things that ARE or have HAPPENED to my '98 SLT....

#1.) Gauges jumping off and on then going completely dead...except
for Oil pressure and Ampmeter gauges while driving or running.
#2.) When putting transmission into drive, transmission slips on takeoff
in 3rd gear. In other words NO LOW (1st), 2nd, or overdrive. All
you have is 3rd (drive) !! Will manually downshift to 2nd, that's all forward.
Reverse is fine and so is park.
Check engine light WAS constantly on....the code # meaning?
"Transmission is in Safe Mode". After 1 year, it has cleared up on
it's own. Did I drive it like this for 1 year? YES I DID.
In April it suddenly started working and the "CHECK ENGINE" light went out !!!
#3.) Windshield wipers refusing to work and when they do work, will run only one speed
and do not stop at the base of the windshield.
#4.) Headlights refusing to work with or without Daylight switch.
#5.) Interior dome lights sometimes refuse to go off with timer or
#6.) Interior lights sometimes refuse to come on.
#7.) Have trouble changing into 4WD high and low and 2 WD.
#8.) Heater and AC alternate hot and cold air every 15 seconds no
matter where the controller is set. (computer climate control).
#9.) Rear door speakers aren't working all the time, sometimes
left rear will, but volume is alot lower than fronts.

Right at this moment, just #8 and #9 is happening......... :screwy:
But any of the above can and will happen at any time.....

A friend finally traded his after dealer replaced ignition switch 3 times.
Twice AFTER warranty was out at 36,000 miles. Each time problem
repeated itself...Of coarse all the dealers I've talked to act like they have never heard of this happening before....I believe ALL my problems are with the COMPUTER....Didn't G.M. move most of the electrical componets south of the boarder around '97? I AM a G.M. employee in Indy.

Any clues or simular problems?


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