4 inch suspension lift

96 jimmy
10-06-2004, 03:19 PM
just wondering if anyone out there has ever put on a suspesion lift and if there was any hidden problems i should be aware of.

94 Jimmy
01-24-2005, 02:55 PM
Dear 96, think long and hard about lift kits.
My son put a 4" kit on our 94 and its been nothing but trouble ever since. We've replaced every component in the front end at least once in the past 18 months. Both front axels have cronic torn CV boots, because of the higher angle they work at which causes the boots to rub and wear through. So when you go off-road, which is why you want the lift, the boots fill up with dirt, rock, small critters and such and that destroys the CV joints. The new A Arms rub on the stock wheels which is slowly machining the wheel to fit the suspension, it also cut through both ABS sensor lines so we had to replace one spindle. And on and on.
We questioned our local parts guy, he said, the people who sell these lift kits don't care squat (can I say squat?) about you or your vehicle. He pointed out that GM for better or worse has spent many megabucks making its cars as close to perfect as possible.
If you want to go off road, buy a cheap jeep, fix it up and tow it behind the Jimmy, if you want to show off have some pin stripes put on, but don't lift it.
See ya

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