Having Sunroof Problems? Maybe This Will Help

10-05-2004, 10:16 PM
If the motor on the sunroof is working, opening or closing & up or down but not doing the reverse operation, it could be the switch(s). Mine was opening, going up & down but it would not close. Process of elimination, the motor works in one direction but not the other, what makes the motor work – the switch.

1) Unsnap the sunroof/light panel. 2) Unplug the sunroof & light wire connectors.
Panel is now in your hands. No need to remove the 2 sunroof switches from the panel.
The 2 switches circuit boards are held in separate housings by 3 prongs. 3) Pry the 3 prongs up on each switch with a small slotted screwdriver.
4) Remove the circuit board from each switch – pay attention to the switch contacts, they will fall out.
There will be three wires attached to each switch – yellow, green & red. Red is the common (ground). 5) Take ohmmeter & check continuity in the wire connector between the red & yellow wires & the red & green wires on each switch. Would be helpful to have someone hold the switch closed while checking continuity. 6) Once the open circuit is found, re-solder it. Re-solder all the joints for extra security. 7) Check continuity again. Should now be good. 8) Reassemble the switches, making sure the switch contacts are in place. 9) Plug in both wiring connectors. 10) Reinstall sunroof/light panel. If the switch was the problem, it’s now repaired.
This repair obliviously will not fix a motor issue.

I did this repair 2 days ago on my 95 J30 at a cost of $0.00 & in about 30 minutes.


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