New guy with vin#help and other new questions

10-01-2004, 10:32 PM
hi, first off i wanna say how cool this webiste is, really awesome, now to my questions

i am driving a 1986 ford tempo GL, its to get me to work and college, i saw a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE , its got 140000 miles, is a automatic and a v6 3.4 ... is 5 grand a good price for it. and could somone do a vin number check on it 1g2nf52e91m512462

i have no credit but i hope when i go to the dealership he will finance me. any input is welcome and thanks for reading


here are more specs
2001 Grand Am SE 4door
power windows
alloy wheels
140,000!!! miles, i think its moslty highway

the price is 5000, i wanna get it because i could not fine a small car i wanted for less than 5K.. like a rx7 or an eclispe (any others simlilar)

Heres the thing, i am 19 with no credit, and i got someone to co-sign for me so i can get this car, i dont know to much about cars but i know i like cars like a rx7 or eclipse alot, i also like the style of this grand am, but the deal seems really good, i test drove it and it was great, they are fixing a motor in the right power window and fixing it so that the blinkers work. My zip is 22407 and i searched on autotrader and didnt see a car that was decent other than something like a 1996 eclipse, for about 3 grand but i think 2 extra grand is good for the Grand AM

James H

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