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Sputtering and Rough Idle.

10-01-2004, 02:19 AM
Ok... I got my car back together... but...

I replaced my camshaft seals, water pump, timing belt, Removed my AC, and my friend did a thourough cooling system flush with 409 oxygen cleaner, and soap ditergent (Hey, he works at nissan...) Anyway, So we got everything back together correctly for the most part... We sprayed off the engine with compressed air after he had washed it. (He had also washed part of it with the camshaft seals open.... So there could be water in the motor...) Anyway, So then, After getting everything back together correctly, I cranked it up, and It would run only if I kept my foot on the gas to idle it a little. But if I take it off the gas, It will slowly choke and die. Its got strange smells comming from it... not really bad smells... kinda sweet... one almost smelled like a pie or somthing... anyway, when its choking after I take my foot off the gas, the volt meter starts bouncing a bit between like 8-14 volts. And the car sputters sometimes, and idles very roughly. However, Since Iv been running it a bit... it has its "few" moments, where it will run kinda smooth. But I took it out for a drive, and after getting into 4th, and having the RPMs up a little ways, as they were comming back down, the car started to jolt a lot. It started slowly at first, and then got more and more intense. I got it back home though for the most part alright.... but I really need to figure out what the problem is, does anyone think they know? (Also, there does seem to be a significant loss of power.)

10-01-2004, 02:22 PM
As for the detergant and water radiator flush, that works on 99% of the cars on the road, and its the best way to clean a coolant system. Caught me for a loop the first time I seen it too. Secondly check all of your engine grounds, and your timming, and anything else that could have been knocked loose or off during the cleaning, make sure everything that you started with that was on the engine is back on the engine in its right place.

Where do you have the voltmeter hooked up to, off the battery or the alternator?

10-01-2004, 02:40 PM
The voltmeter is the one in my dash. So.... whereever that ones hooked up to. Hey... Would one tooth on my right camshaft cause this? Remember the one that was so hard to get? Well, we got it almost there, my friend said if anything it was half a tooth off, and said on any other car hed done a timing belt on it would be fine. So would one tooth be a problem? And its ok to spin the engine while the timing belt is on to check to make sure nothing pings right?

So if the problem is my timing... How do I fix it? I mean, yeah, I can go back and put that tooth one more over, but is there a way I can totaly reset the engines timing? Or be totaly sure of how Im doing it?

E Honda
10-03-2004, 02:29 PM
Would seem to me if your buddy works at nissan that you would not be coming here to ask the questions that you are. What gives?....Is he the guy who washes the cars on the lot?.... Sounds to me like you got water in some of your electrical... try spraying all of your connections with some WD-40. As for being off on the timing ......Well of course that can be a problem....Thats a no brainer....Good luck.

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