transmission issue

09-29-2004, 02:15 PM
I have 67000 miles on my 99 Jimmy. The gas gauge has been sporadic for a while. The transmission soon began to act up. It appears to shift into too high of a gear when I am driving slowly. It appears to be o.k. at highway speeds, but starting from a stop, it's all messed up. I've been reading the forum info and have tried changing the ignition switch. The fuel filter was also changed and was found to be pretty clogged. The transmission switch has been changed. It has been suggested I fix the gas guage issue to pursue the transmission trouble since that is the 1st code that comes in when the service engine soon light is cleared. I can manually shift fine and am still able to drive it. The transmission fluid smells a little burned and the dealership wants to replace the whole transmission to a tune of $3200. Has anyone incurred this type of trouble?

10-01-2004, 04:01 PM
Because it shifts good manually you may have an electrical problem. Hydraulics over-ride the electrics when manually shifting. You need to have it scaned for codes.

10-06-2004, 08:54 PM
Because it shifts good manually you may have an electrical problem. Hydraulics over-ride the electrics when manually shifting. You need to have it scaned for codes.

I failed to mention I've had the transmission selonoid changed which is located inside the transmission fluid pan. I've also had the transmission switch on the side of the transmission replaced. I have it back in another shop for diagnostics and they are having a hard time convincing themselves a fuel sending unit could cause this trouble. On the test drive, they are feeling we have a loss of power after 1st gear. I still feel it is in too high of a gear and therefore bogs it down and causes it to ping a struggle to accelerate. They say the scanner code indiates the fuel issue but the mechanic that read it was unavailable to give me the exact code. Willl know more tomorrow. From all the issues I've read in this forum, I'm feeling if I get lucky enough to get this issue fixed, maybe I should be shopping for a different suv?

10-18-2004, 09:29 PM
Now I've had the fuel sending unit replaced which fixed the gas guage issue and got rid of that code, but the transmission issue is still in there. The shop replaced the 4wd switch in the dash, it didn't fix the problem, so they put the old part back. It is now at the dealer and they have decided it may only need the valve body replaced for $1100. I've talked to some other transmission people and they don't seem to think that will fix the problem. The dealership tells me the transmission is also running around 220 degrees which they say is too hot. The scanning during the drive indicates it is shifting through all the gears within about 50ft of acceleration. The codes have been cleared and are not back in yet. I'm waiting on talking to the manager of the transmission dept. tomorrow.

10-19-2004, 11:46 AM
On the test drive, they are feeling we have a loss of power after 1st gear. I still feel it is in too high of a gear and therefore bogs it down and causes it to ping a struggle to accelerate.

Could this be a plugged catalytic convertor or collapsed muffler??

10-19-2004, 11:46 AM
Just a word about the cost of the repairs you have mentioned. I had my 4L60E rebuilt w/convertor for about 2 hundred dollars more than the price of your valve body quote. This was done at a local transmission shop in my area that I trusted. I had it done last year at a total cost of $1285.00. Your transmission quote is two and 1/2 times that much and yet they don't seem to know if it's a transmission, valve body or electrical problem. I would manually shift myself away from these people.

10-19-2004, 02:27 PM
I am having similar problems with my 95 Jimmy 4x4. The problem with my tranny not shifting started on sunday during a heavy rainfall. First the "Service Engine Soon" light appeared, then the tranny when in OD or D seemed to be in too high of a gear from a starting position. I have to rev it to about 2,000 rpm to move from a stop and it doesn't shift automatically into the higher gears. Therefore when on the highway at 100km (60mph) I am reving over 3,000rpm. I have taken my truck to the shop today and when I last spoke to my mechanic he was unable to get a code reading for the problem and believes the problem is electrical due to the rain. Does this sound correct???

10-19-2004, 10:49 PM
Doesn't quite sound like the same problem. I was able to start off o.k., but it shifted through all the gears within 50ft, so it was bogging down really bad and it didn't seem to know which gear to stay in. The issue has now been fixed. The dealership was confident replacing the valve body would fix it. I had told them to go ahead out of desperation of finding someone who could fix my problem. I did get them to guarantee it would be fixed or there would be no charge. I picked my Jimmy up today and it shifts fine now. I have a 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty. They indicated the tfp switch and shift valve were stickeing and were replaced as well as the valve body and pc solenoid. They also replaced the trans filter and gasket and flushed the transmission. Hope it lasts!

10-20-2004, 01:50 PM
Update - Rec'vd a call from the mechanic he believes the problem with my tranny is the A & B solenoids. I hope replacing them works. I guess only time will tell...

10-23-2004, 04:40 PM
1999-2004 Automatic Transmission Fix

Bulletin No.: 01-07-30-038B
Date: January 26, 2004

DTC P0757 Set, SES Lamp Illuminated, Poor Performance of Transmission, Transmission Slipping (Clean Transmission Valve Body and Case Oil Passages of Debris)

1999-2004 Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks
2003-2004 HUMMER H2
with 4L60-E/4L65-E Automatic Transmission (RPOs M30/M32)


This bulletin is being revised to add model years and change Cause and Correction information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 01-07-30-038A (Section 07 - Transmission/Transaxle).


Some customers may comment on any of the following conditions:

The SES lamp is illuminated.

No 3rd and 4th gear.

The transmission does not shift correctly.

The transmission feels like it shifts to Neutral or a loss of drive occurs.

The vehicle free wheels above 48 km/h (30 mph). High RPM needed to overcome the free wheeling.


The most likely cause is chips or debris plugging the bleed orifice of the 2-3 shift solenoid (367). This will cause the transmission to stay in 2nd gear when 3rd gear is commanded and return to 1st gear when 4th gear is commanded.

DTC P0757 may also be set if the 2-3 shift valve (368) or 2-3 shuttle valve (369) were stuck, restricted and/or hung-up in its bore.


Inspect / Clean the 2-3 shift valve (368), the 2-3 shuttle valve (369) and the valve bore of debris / metal chips.

Inspect / Clean the 2-3 shift solenoid (367) opening of debris / metal chips. While inspecting the 2-3 shift solenoid (367), look for a screen over the solenoid opening. If the solenoid DOES NOT have a screen, replace the solenoid with P/N 10478131 that does have a screen over the solenoid opening.

Refer to the appropriate Service Manual for additional diagnostic information and service procedures.

Part # 10478131 - Valve 2-3 Shift Solenoid

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