Can anyone tell me how to remove door panel?

09-27-2004, 04:16 PM
98 Jimmy, need to replace drivers side mirror which got knocked off by some careless moron in a parking lot. From looking at it, it would appear I have to remove the inner door panel in order to access the mirror mounting screws. Can anyone give me any tips or gotcha's I need to be aware of for removing the panel? Any hidden fasteners... etc... that I need to look for?


10-01-2004, 04:49 PM
I removed the panel looking for an electrical problem but this was a few years ago, so my memory may not be perfect on.

Roll down the window (you'll appreciate this part a little later) If you have electric windows, snap that little section of panel out and disconnect the wiring harness. Set that small panel aside. Remove the two screws underneath the inside door handle. This is the bulk of the door panel ridgedness.
The eaiset way is to have the tool to remove the clips in the door panel that goes all the way around the doors. The tool looks like a 2-prong fork that slides onto each side of the clip. You can also use two flat screwdrives on each side of the clip, but that's not really easty to do. Once you have those popped out of the way, slide the door panel up and kinda to the back. That's about it.

The hardest part is trying not to break the little clips that are in the door panel. If you are careful and patient that won't happen and you can get the panel off.

Good luck.

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